#EA0057, The Eagles October 1975, Sunshine Festival, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim CA.

#EA0055, Don Felder, guitar and vocals. The first time the Eagles played together was as a backup band for Linda Ronstadt.

#EA0056, Glenn Frey, Guitar, piano and vocals. The Eagles were one of the most successful
bands of the seventies.

#EA0059, Bernie Leadon, guitar, banjo, vocals. The Eagles were inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998

#EA0060, Randy Meisner. California Jam, April 6, 1974, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario CA

#EA0061, Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, California Jam, April 6, 1974

#EA4201, Don Henley, Drums and vocals, their album "One of these Nights" produced
their first hit single with "Best of my Love".

#EA4202, Meisner and Frey, Sunshine Festival, Anaheim Stadium, October 1975.

#EA4203, Randy Meisner, bass and vocals.

#EA4205, Glenn Frey, Sunshine Festival, Anaheim Stadium October 1975.

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