#DBB0044, the Doobie Brothers, July 15, 1973 Balboa Stadium, San Diego California

#DBB0051, Pat Simmons, guitar and vocals.

#DBB0043,Tom Johnston, vocals and guitar. The Doobies opened for Chicago at Balboa Stadium.

#DBB040, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter sat in.

#DBB0042, one of two drummers, Michael Hossack.

#DBB4101, Pat Simmons, They played before 30,000 fans in San Diego on July 15, 1973

#DBB0039, Tiran Porter on bass and vocals.

#DBB0041 Tom Johnston, still part of the current lineup (2012) of the Doobie Brothers

#DBB0045, Simmons and Baxter, their hit "Long Train Runnin" was #7 on the charts at the time of this concert

#DBB0044, the Doobies were known for using dual percussionists, here John Hartman playing congas with mallets and Jeff Baxter

#DBB0049, drummer Michael Hossack.

#DBB0050 Doobie Brothers, July 15, 1973, San Diego, Balboa Stadium.

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