#CBB3505, Climax Blues Band, December, 1974, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach California. Opening for Fleetwood Mac. Band left to right: Colin Cooper, alto and tenor sax, Pete Haycock, vocals and guitar, John Cuffley, drums, Derek Holt, vocals and bass.

#CBB3506, Peter Haycock, playing his rare trademark instrument, a gold-plated Veleno guitar.

#CBB2237, Peter Haycock and Colin Cooper

#CBB2239, Peter Haycock with Veleno guitar and Derek Holt on bass

#CBB3507, John Cuffley on drums. Their album "Sense of Direction" was released in 1974 and reached number 37 on the album charts.

#CBB2238, Peter Haycock

#CBB3504 Colin Cooper


#CBB2236, Derek Holt

#CBB3509, Derek Holt

#CBB2240, Left to right: Colin Cooper, Derek Holt, Pete Haycock, John Cuffley


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