Julian Baum's career as a photographer began in 1972 while a student attending UCLA. A photography instructor suggested shooting a rock concert as a good subject for an upcoming photo project. That project combined with a love of taking pictures propelled him to become one of the busiest music industry photographers of the decade. His work shooting rock music entertainers took him out of the studio and on the road, traveling with top bands on tour. Working with KISS, Boston and Rod Stewart , among others, he captured the excitement and intensity of a live performance as well as poignant images of backstage moments. His photographs have appeared in many magazines and books worldwide as well as concert programs, posters and record albums. During the eighties Julian continued shooting becoming an award winning sports photographer for the NASL, FIFA, 1984 Olympics, World Cup Soccer, NBA and NFL finals, as well as hundreds of NCAA playoffs and finals for volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and track and field. He was busy shooting for the NASL, FIFA and more recently the FIVB and USAV. Equally at home in the studio as on location, Julian has worked with Fortune500 companies and hundreds of commercial and editorial clients producing everything from international annual reports to local advertising.