The Law Offices of Ed Lopez Present
Annual Christmas and 25th Anniversary Party
December 21, 2012



Estella, Chieko, Chris and Julie.

Chieko, Julie, Ernie and Estella

Julie at the Christmas tree.

From left, Henry, Estella, Manny, Ernie, Phillip, Phillip's daughter, Julie, Marianne, Chieko.

Our host and celebrant for the evening, Attorney Edgar Lopez and spouse Chris

L to R - Manny, Julie, Henry, Filipino folk singer Florante, Ed, Ernie and Estella.

Chris and Ed with a group of Ed's business and golfing partners.

Florante entertained us with some of his most popular songs.

About 100 people attended the gala event.

Ed had a few nice and funny things to say while we were eating dinner.

The younger generation of Lopez and Baum

Ed with Phillip, Marianne, Phillip's daughter and Kyle.

Ed gets a holiday hug from one of his employees.

Marlene and Ernie. Marlene was one of the last to arrive and sat with us at our table.

My three sons: Ed with E.J, Kyle and Phillip.

Group of all the younger guys including their uncle Max.

Ed and Chris on the dance floor

All my Exes live in.........the Valley. Ed with past and present mates: on the left Marlene,
and on the right Marianne and main squeeze Chris.

The band played danceable tunes all night

The ladies on the dance floor, Chris, Estella, Marlene, Julie and Cecille

Carla's Cafe was rockin.

Group with Ernie, Manny, Henry, Ed, Romy, Estella, Julie and Max.

Romy was a late arrival as he had just flown in from Chicago and missed the excellent food that was served. His family.

Julian and Estella

Max and Cecille

Dancing the night away, Estella and Julie.

Estella, Julie and Cecille wishing you Happy Holidays

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